Rachel is a certified facilitator of Systematic Inventive Thinking (S.I.T.)

Unearth more creative and feasible solutions – using what you have.

Brand DNA

Let’s come up with coherent and compelling answers to the big questions about your business: Why do you do what you do? Where are you going? What’s in in for the customer? (which customers?), So what for your employees, what do you stand for? Who are you as a brand?

Manage your Value Cycle

The most meaningful and pragmatic way of tackling your marketing strategy is to work through how you manage value from 'understanding' through to 'measuring'. A neat and helpful framework I adapted from my MBA and have used effectively with a range of clients in strategic work.

Creative Strategy & breakthrough thinking

We know we need to be strategic but all too often, our strategic thinking is bound by tools & frameworks that are cognitively distant from the real world and will not lead to the creative solutions we require. Rachel offers robust ways to challenge assumptions and biases in a systematic way, break existing connections and making new ones, harness constraints and even flip problems and threats into resources! It's very exhilarating and growth mindset!

Innovation Training (SKILLS)

One of the many upsides of SIT is that it is so learnable. Give your teams the skills to harness the SIT method on demand and to understand when to use it with other toolsets. Ask for a training proposal for your company or in your area. See 'Solutions' tab for online and F2F options.

Schedules, Productivity & Processes (RESULTS)

When you want to be more productive, you often eliminate something. I tackle productivity & process improvements differently. I will take you down unexplored paths getting to ideas faster.

New Product & Service Development & Tenders (RESULTS)

Have me help you to develop new products, challenge or improve existing ones and build an innovation pipeline or offering.

Creative Problem Solving (RESULTS)

S.I.T offers a problem solving approach that not only embraces the problem and challenges assumptions but helps push the inventiveness of your ideas further.

Fostering Innovation (STRATEGY)

I can help you develop an innovation strategy, framework and community that fits your strategy, aspirations and culture.

Keynote Presentations

Rachel is a vibrant and engaging speaker. Her presentations shift thinking about innovation. Notable events included Ci2017 & 2019 Innov8rs Singapore, NLDS 2018, CPA Congress, Innov8rs Sydney, EIS 2018 and UTS BCII program, Consult Australia 2019, NLDS 2019 and Elevate (Paris), NZ Tunnelling Conference, IBM L&K Event Dec 2022.

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Workshop Facilitation

Workshops are a good way to discover the relevance, disruptiveness and efficiency of SIT thinking. Workshops may be discovery days, myth buster session, creative team building sessions or days aimed at triggering fresh thinking in the business. Most SIT workshops are hybrid sessions in that they blend skills and results. If you wish to lean more towards upskilling, look into a training course. If you would like to go for results, consider a more in-depth SIT project. Rachel also runs marketing workshops around the brand and value proposition.

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Masterclasses can serve as discovery or reinforcement sessions for Systematic Inventive Thinking. They can be 1-3 hours and can cover any SIT application: problem solving, productivity, process enhancement. They include a good blend of theory and application.

Face-to-Face Innovation Training

We can design programs around your availability and preferences but courses that have been tried and tested are: - 2-day basic innovation training courses where you learn 3-4 SIT thinking tools and discover our powerful problem solving method through to advanced courses for intrapreneurs and coaches. - 2 x 2-day courses where you learn more facilitation skills and practice mini-sessions - Intensive train-the-trainer courses - mentoring of innovation leads. Get in touch for pricing, logistics and testimonials.

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Online Training Courses

I offer a range of online courses ranging from Innovation 'minis' on process, product or service innovation through to a Foundations Course for teams of 6 or more (as a team with live sessions or entirely self-paced) that shows you how to apply the principles and tools of Systematic Inventive Thinking and facilitate their use in small groups.

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You might have heard about the value of bringing play into your business or you may be looking quite specifically for a session in Lego® Serious Play®. If so, I can use this approach with you to surface different thinking and stories that otherwise may stay hidden. I am certified in LSP and use it alone or combined with other methods, such as SIT.

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How much do you crave spaces where people listen and communicate well; affording each person equal respect and equal time, listening to ignite and not to interrupt.. Where the best independent thinking can happen? What if you could create this and then overlay a robust method for thinking differently to give you more creative and impactful ideas?


Project Deep Dives

Get me to run an SIT project with you and your experts to get to better ideas more efficiently. This may range from a half-day workshop to 2.5 days with convergence and action planning. Projects may include: Strategic reviews, Pipeline ideation, Marketing strategy for a 'Me Too' or a product launch, Product Innovation, Process improvement, Rethinking a service, Productivity issues and a huge range of problems that require more creative thinking.

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Innovation Strategy

Harness SIT's 24 years of experience - and Rachel's time as an intrapreneur - to help you co-create the innovation structures, skills and results that you need to foster innovation long-term in your organisation. Rachel is passionate about helping you develop a framework that suits your strategy and culture. We also work with you to make sense of your existing methods.

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Success stories

" Rachel recently delivered the SIT Foundation course to my team. She is a phenomenal facilitator (juggling online and in-person sessions) and provided participants with exceptional business insight and thoughtful approaches to solving problems and the process of innovation. The course was interactive, well-paced and concepts were clearly explained with great examples to ensure that everyone had a good understanding of how to use each of the SIT tools. The training concluded with each participant having to deliver a short mini session, which did wonders to embed the knowledge gained over the 6 weeks. I highly recommend Rachel and the SIT framework. "
Jessica Gallagher — University of Queensland
" Rachel recently worked with Savour and Grace to help us to continue to strengthen our unique culture. Rachel's nuanced but laser focused facilitation style really helped us to define and refine our purpose, customer commitment and values. Consultants and culture normally leaves plenty of room for unambiguous non actionable waffle. Rachel's impact has been tangible and lasting. If you need external assistance around Culture and values I highly recommend Rachel. "
Sam Hurst — Savour and Grace
" ...one of the best training courses I have ever done! Simple systematic Implementation that can be used on any issue. So many worked examples! The 1 hour mini sessions are the bow on top. No one should be able to go back to their workplace without the confidence to be able to implement the tools to their work AND roll it out to their colleagues. "
Tyler Coady — Ford, Melbourne
" Rachel is a stellar facilitator - authentic, vibrant, passionate and hugely supportive. I loved working with her, exploring creative methods with students in the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation (BCII). I'm hoping we get the chance to work together again soon - she's the best! "
Bem le Hunte, Director of Creative Intelligence & Innovation — UTS
" Rachel is professional, enthusiastic and insightful. The workshop was a great success. Personally, I find Rachel flexible, approachable and culturally sensitive, which makes her an amazing business partner to work with. "
Kitty Chen, Polyglot — Polyglot Group
" Rachel is capable of challenging the leaders to stretch their thinking and check for blind spots. Her work is delivered in a unique and customised way. I particularly value Rachel's careful and strategic planning to maximise value and insights in each session. Her skilful facilitation and her mastery of the SIT method have definitely powered up our capability in problem solving and inventive thinking. "
Alison Fahey — Woodside
" We recently engaged Rachel to help us put together our marketing strategy and I have no hesitation in saying that the outcome of the work Rachel did for us was outstanding. "
Scott Deane, CEO — Learning Seat
" Rachel sure knows how to bust up our fixed way of thinking. Fresh Select engaged Rachel to assist in developing a culture of innovation. We were mentally challenged to tackle problems with a different mindset (and using various tools) and boy was it powerful. As a company, Fresh Select have already implemented new processes as a result of our brilliant learnings. Thanks Rachel. "
Elisa Walerys - Director of Transition Human Resources — Fresh Select


Thought Leadership in Innovation

The Innovation Wheel

The Innovation Wheel

The Innovation Wheel

The Innovation Wheel acts as an innovation heatmap for your organisation.

The Innovation Wheel

The 5-point scale works in a heatmap where the WARM colours are problematic and the COOLER colours suggest that things are looking good. The scale starts with red where innovation is little more than corporate speak and ends with blue where things are “chilled” and where innovation is integrated across the board.

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The Innovation Wheel

UNBLINKEREDThe Quirky Biases that get in the way of creative thinking ... and how to bust them

UNBLINKERED - The Quirky Biases that get in the way of creative thinking ... and how to bust them

No matter where you are on the creative scale, improving your skills will have a positive effect. What if one of the major impediments to your ability to think creatively and innovate were your unconscious biases? Unblinkered is a playful exploration of 19 blinkers that Rachel has seen at play in her experience as an intrapreneur, driving an innovation community in a corporate and as an innovation trainer and coach . Some of them are well known, others she is calling out and encourages you to recognise them and know when and how to use them and when to lose them.

Rachel Audigé

The short of it:

I help organisations think differently and unearth ideas that are hiding in plain view. I offer innovation SKILLS (F2F & online training), RESULTS (workshops/projects) & STRATEGY. I harness many years in marketing and innovation roles and run Systematic Inventive Thinking (S.I.T.) in Australia and New Zealand. I combine this with my own strategic frameworks as well as complementary tools such as Time to Think to help you think well and Lego® Serious Play® to help you express and prototype ideas. Get in touch: rachel@rachelaudige.com.

The long of it:

We are born creative but not everyone stays that way. I can help you become efficient and resourceful creative thinkers again in all areas of your work.

There are lots of things holding us back but what I encounter in every organisation is 'cognitive fixedness'. That is that state of 'stuckness' when we cannot see alternative ways of doing things. I believe that innovation is often the result of this fixedness being broken. Break this and you will be able to redesign a process, fill your product pipeline, stress-test a design, de-risk a schedule, rethink your strategy, make your messaging stickier or come up with more resourceful and radical solutions to your problems. I promise to shift what you thought about creativity!

If you're after Systematic Inventive Thinking SKILLS go straight to my training platform, click here. You can get a taste of https://www.sitsite.com/ in the Starter Course or dive into my mini-courses for short, 10-minute sessions on specific use cases (Process redesign, Service innovation, New Product Development and Sticky Messaging).

If you want RESULTS, request a workshop in your business. We can do a Discovery session where you dip your toe in or you can do a Project and go for higher impact. I will take your team from idea harvesting to honing through to convergence and action plans applying a robust method throughout. Ask for case studies.

If you are more interested in thinking differently about your STRATEGY, let me talk you through the value creation model and strategic pyramid I use. To explore what I it takes to foster innovation in your organisation, check out my Innovation Wheel

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Systematic Inventive Thinking® is a company and an academically-based method for thinking differently.

S.I.T. is a method and a company born in Tel Aviv in the mid 1990s. Organisations in Australia and New Zealand find S.I.T. impactful because it is more than just a process to follow; it shifts our thinking. S.I.T. is

  • Robust, learnable and can be used on demand;
  • *Constraint- based - *not brainstorming.
  • *Universally effective in all industries and applications * (product pipeline, engineering design, processes, business models, strategy...)
  • Able to deliver business impact and viable outcomes using the resources you already have;
  • Powerful alone and in combination with Lean Six Sigma, Design Thinking, Jobs to be done and Agile - as well as strategy tools such as the Business Model Canvas or even the good ol' SWOT. Who knew that could be creative?

ANZ-based clients have included: Thales, Woodside Energy, Ford, Health Purchasing Victoria, Fresh Select, Medibank, Telstra Wholesale, NAB, Legrand Industries, RACV, Vinci Group, UTS, Elanco, Dulux, Kagome, Tonkin, Northrop, NECA, UQ.

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